Rules & Regulations

1. Fee must be paid by the first week of the month / term. Fees paid are non refundable nor transferable. The Centre reserves the right to prevent a student from attending lessons if the student fails to pay the fees by the specified day. If payment is not received by the second week of the month / term, or cheque / Giro payment dishonored, I-Media reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of RM10 for each late or dishonored payment.
2. Fees are subject to revision without prior notice.
3. If the student wishes to terminate or transfer class, he / she is required to give a minimum of one (1) month’s advance written notice to the Centre (before the first of the last month’s lessons), failing which he / she is liable for payment of 1 month’s fee or lose the 1 month deposit.
4. Any student who stops lessons for more than a month will lose the 1 month deposit and must re-enroll to resume lessons. Registration fee will be charged accordingly.
5. The student is advised to attend lessons regularly. The teacher will replace lessons if cancelled by the teacher. There will be no replacement of lesson(s) for students who are absent and for lesson(s) cancelled owing to blackouts, floods or any other circumstances which are beyond the control of the Centre.
6. If a student wishes to suspend lessons for a month or more, the fee for the respective month(s) must be paid in order to secure the place.
7. The Centre reserves the right to transfer, combine or dissolve a class.
8. There will be no lessons on Gwen School Of Dance & I-Media Holidays and Gazetted Public Holidays and no replacements will be given.
9. Students are required to notify the Centre of any changes of their particulars (eg. home address, telephone number, email address, etc.), as all correspondence and official notices shall be sent to the last known address / email address. All notices sent by mail or email to the last known address shall be deemed delivered to the student / parents / guardians.
10. Lesson’s time includes reasonable time taken by teachers to move from class to class.
11. All official notices to students will be posted on the Centre’s Notice Boards / Studios. It is the responsibilities of students / parents to read them (eg. for examination dates).
12. The above rules and regulations are subject to revision from time to time and will be posted on the Centre’s Notice Boards / Studios. It is the responsibility of students / parents / guardians to read them.