5. November 2009


Kinder Ballet (for ages 4 years)


Kinder Ballet offers young ones (toddlers and pre-schoolers) opportunity to have fun through the experience of Classical Ballet while enhancing their creativity and imagination in these classes. Kinder Ballet promotes and instills the Classical Ballet and the appreciation of ballet and dance as a whole.

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11. September 2012


Concert of goodness by Jeremy Tan (Reporter from The Star Publication)

The Star BLUE Charity Concert 2012 Wtite-up

THE fantasy world of Naraseena, overflowing with carpets of greenery and ancestral giants, will be the backdrop for poignant tales of love, unity and equality in the upcoming BLUE Charity Dance Concert 2012.

It is home to the Yucala clan, a forest-loving tribe that believes its flora and fauna, mainly the ancient Adansonia Tree, are integral in maintaining the balance of life.

The arrival of the evil and destructive Tariqa clan sparks a war, claiming many lives. The tree’s spirit suddenly appears and sends both clans into hibernation, at the same time healing the wounded and reviving the dead.

It also casts a spell on both sides’ leaders, causing them to fall in love upon reawakening. With both factions now united, they pledge to restore Naraseena to its former glory.

The plot unfolds through the grace of modern, contemporary ballet at the Dewan Sri Pinang on Oct 20, beginning 7.30pm. Organised by I-Media Educational Group (M) Sdn Bhd, it aims to raise a minimum of RM30,000 for the Penang Down Syndrome Association (PDSA).

Speaking at a practice session recently, show producer Gwen Teoh said the 80-strong cast comprises both ballerinas from the Crestar Learning Centre, as well as youngsters from the association.

This, she said, would give the latter valuable experience performing in public, at the same time allowing them to mingle around and prove that they could do things as well as normal children.

“It has been a wonderful experience for my dancers who have helped them train and choreograph moves.

“They have become buddies, and it has enhanced their humanity and leadership skills.

“We might be born a little bit different, but deep down we’re all the same,” said Teoh, who is also the centre’s director and principal.

She added that audiences could look forward to an enthralling spectacle at the concert, which was also aimed to promote lasting peace and harmony amongst Malaysians through understanding and respect for each others’ cultures and beliefs.

PDSA committee member Koay Gee Beng urged the public to help make the event a resounding success.

The funds raised, he said, would go towards covering the operating costs of training classes at the centre.

“These classes help develop students’ physical and mental skills through specialised teaching methods, which will allow them to eventually be independent,” Koay explained.

The organisers are actively seeking sponsors for the event, with several sponsorship packages available for merchandising and calendar souvenir books.

Tickets for the concert, via donations of RM30 or RM50, will be available from mid this month at Crestar, located at 98-3-15 Jalan Fettes, Prima Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, or the PDSA at 10 Rose Avenue, Pulau Tikus.

For more information about ticket bookings, sponsorship or donations, call 016-4101426/ 016-4160511 or email to sergio.imedia@gmail.com.

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27. August 2012


Counselling via Colouring (Chinese)

mandala colouring brochure

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